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Entry #2

Beta Testers wanted

2010-01-05 07:26:37 by widgisoft


I currently have a Mining/RPG game in development that is nearing completion of the alpha stage and I'm looking for some beta testers to iron out any game play issues.

The game follows the story of a space miner who's ship takes damage on his way back to his home world and begins loosing fuel; by the time the ship realises the fuel reserves are depleting - it's too late. The ship locates a nearby planet that has suitable oil reserves but the mining will have to be done manually - the oil is also 8km underground! You're job is to locate the oil deep under ground and pipe it back up to the surface. To complicate matters further; while visiting the planet you encounter a population of survivors that need help themselves.

If you could PM me with your details I'll get back to you with details on where to test and how to leave feedback when the beta is ready (~wk commencing 18th January)

Many thanks,

Beta Testers wanted


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2010-07-30 20:03:20

can i be one of the beta testers i've beta tested many games back in the day starcraft, world of warcraft,diablo and diablo 2 im a huge rpg fan and im looking for a indie game to test now you can email me at nickadam787@yahoo.com